Second Annual Forum: Sustainable Management and Development of Biomass in California

Second Annual Forum: Sustainable Management and Development of Biomass in California


March 1, 2005
Cal-EPA Building
1001 I St.
Sacramento, CA



The California Biomass Collaborative held its second annual Forum in Sacramento on March 1, 2005. The Forum included a review of the Collaborative’s activities over the last year and provided a venue for experts to discuss important issues in biomass management and development for both energy and products, including:

  • Accelerating renewable energy development
  • Emerging technologies
  • Biopower, Biofuels, and Bioproducts
  • Lifecycle and environmental impacts
  • Financing and incentives
  • Needs for comprehensive biomass policy in the state


Opening – Forum Logistics, Agenda and Introductions
  • Bryan Jenkins, California Biomass Collaborative – PDF


Welcome and Keynote Speakers
  • Accelerating renewable energy development in California and the role of biomass, Jim Boyd, Commissioner, California Energy Commission
  • Federal Goals for Biorefinery Development and Implications for Fuel and Power in California, John Ferrell, US Department of Energy – PDF


Concurrent Sessions: Biopower and Bioproducts


Session I: Biopower
Moderator: Val Tiangco, California Energy Commission

Session, Speaker

  • Integrated Gasification Combined Cycles and other Advanced Concepts for Biomass, Francis Lau, Gas Technology Institute – PDF
  • Small-modular and Distributed Power Systems: Applications & Demonstration in California, Rick Bergman, US Forest Service – PDF
  • Emerging Technologies for Landfill Gas-to-Energy, Rachel Goldstein, US Environmental Protection Agency – PDF
  • Power Generation from Dairy Manure & Other Wastes: Role of the Municipal Utility, Ruth MacDougall, Sacramento Municipal Utility District – PDF
  • Results of the Renewable Energy and Agricultural Biomass to Energy Programs, Tony Goncalves, California Energy Commission – PDF


Session II: Biofuels and Bioproducts
Moderator: Hugo Von Bernath, California Biomass Collaborative

Session, Speaker

  • Potential for Hydrogen Production from Biomass, Joan Ogden, University of California, Davis – PDF
  • Future Development of Ethanol in California: Resources and Technology, Neil Koehler, Pacific Ethanol, Inc. – PDF
  • Biodiesel, SunDiesel, Compressed Biogas and Other Transportation Fuels From Biomass in California (Joint presentation with Brian Appel), Gary Yowell, California Energy Commission & Appel Joint Presentation – PDF
  • Biodiesel, SunDiesel, Compressed Biogas and Other Transportation Fuels From Biomass in California (Joint presentation with Gary Yowell), Brian Appel, Changing the World Technologies – PDF
  • Prospects for Increased Bioproduct Manufacturing in California, Kim Kristoff, Biobased Manufacturers Association – PDF
  • Air Quality Issues in Biofuel Development, Dean Simeroth, California Air Resources Board


Keynote Speaker
  • The Need for a Comprehensive Biomass Policy in California, Joe Desmond, Deputy Secretary for Energy, California Resources Agency


Session III: Resources and Environment, Moderator: Rob Williams, California Biomass Collaborative

Session, Speaker

  • Strategies for Zero Waste in California: Paradigm Shifts in Resource Management, Fernando Berton, California Integrated Waste Management Board – PDF
  • Building a Sustainable Vision for Biomass Derived Fuels – Lifecycle Assessment in Planning and Development, John Sheehan, National Renewable Energy Laboratory – PDF
  • Impacts of Regulation on the Environmental Performance of California Dairies, Ken Krich, Sustainable Conservation – PDF
  • Environmental Impacts of Woody Biomass Utilization, Mark Nechodom, US Forest Service – PDF
  • Regional Cooperation for Energy and Environmental Management, Doug Wickizer, California Department of Forestry – PDF


Session IV: Financing and Economics of Biomass Projects
Moderator: Gary Matteson, California Biomass Collaborative
  • State Incentives for Biomass Products and Power, Martha Gildart, California Biomass Collaborative – PDF
  • Federal Financing for Biomass Development through the US Department of Agriculture Rural Cooperatives Program, Bill Hagy, US Department of Agriculture – PDF
  • Entrepreneurial Approaches to Biomass Development and Financing, Anna Halpern-Lande, Environmental Entrepreneurs- PDF
  • Climate Action Registry: Implications for Biomass Management and Use, Pierre Duvair, California Energy Commission – PDF


Session V: Summary and Wrap-up

Session, Speaker

  • Summary, George Simons, California Energy Commission – PDF
  • Wrap-up, Bryan Jenkins, California Biomass Collaborative


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