Eighth Annual Forum: Biomass Energy in California: Where Do We Stand?

Eighth Annual Forum
Biomass Energy in California: Where Do We Stand?


April 5-6, 2011
University Conference Center
UC Davis, Davis, CA



The 8th Annual Forum of the California Biomass Collaborative was held April 5/6th, at the UC Davis Conference Center. The focus was on state regulations affecting the use of forested biomass for power and fuel, carbon accounting for forested biomass, new issues in the conversion of urban derived wastes, and potential opportunities to produce energy from California’s extensive food processing industry. Below are links to the PowerPoint and video recordings of most of the sessions.

Program and Proceedings

April 5, 2011
April 6, 2011

April 5, 2011 (Day One)

Session, Speaker

  • Opening and Welcome, James Boyd, California Energy Commission & Stephen Kaffka, California Biomass Collaborative – PDF, Video


CA Forest Resources and Their Uses
Moderator: Steve Kaffka, California Biomass Collaborative

Session, Speaker

  • Forest Biomass Resources in CA, Mark Rosenberg, Cal Fire – PDF, Video
  • Benefits and Risks of Wood Biomass for Energy, Bill Stewart, UC Berkeley – PDF, Video


Regulations Affecting the Use of Woody Biomass for Fuel and Power
Moderator: Doug Wickizer, Cal Fire

Session, Speaker

  • California’s Cap and Trade Policy and Woody Biomass, Ryan McCarthy, California Air Resources Board – PDF, Video
  • CPUC Programs and Regulations and Renewable Energy From Biomass, Judith Ikle, Califiornia Public  Utilities Commission – PDF, Video
  • EPA’s Regulatory Efforts for Biomass, Shaheerah Kelly, US Environmental Protection Agency – PDF, Video
  • Forest Service Perspective on Carbon Accounting, Ed Gee, US Forest Service – PDF, Video
  • National and International Policies and Biomass Use, Brent Sohngen, The Ohio State University – PDF, Video


Is the Use of Woody Biomass Carbon Neutral?
Moderator: Ken Skog, U.S. Forest Service

Session, Speaker

  • Carbon Accounting for Forestry and Wood Products, Dr. Elaine O’Neill, University of Washington/CORRIM Group – PDF, Video
  • Ecosystem Preservation and Carbon Accounting, Brian Nowicki, Center for Biological Diversity – PDF, Video
  • Accounting for Carbon in Electricity Production, David O’Connor, EPRI
  • Carbon Accounting, Western Forests and Energy Markets, John Kadyszewski, Winrock International – PDF, Video
  • Eastern Forests, Western Forests and Carbon Accounting, David Saah, Spacial Informatics Group, LLC/University of San Francisco – PDF, Video


Perspectives From Users of Woody Biomass
Moderator: Ken Skog, U.S. Forest Service

Session, Speaker

  • Feedstock Suppliers, Fred Tornatorre, TSS Consultants – Video
  • Industry Users, Greg Morris, Future Resources Association – Video
  • Carbon Registry, Derrick Broekhoff, California Carbon Registry – Video


April 6, 2011 (Day Two)

Session, Speaker

  • Opening and Welcome, Anthony Eggert, Cal EPA, Deputy Secretary for Energy Policy – Video


Advanced Waste management alternatives: Out of State Perspectives
Moderator: Rob Williams, California Biomass Collaborative

Session, Speaker

  • Alternative Waste Management Can Reduce GHG Emissions, Marlene Sieck, Federal EPA, Germany (UBA) – PDF, Video
  • Sustainable Practices for the Management of Organic Matter, Dr. Luis Diaz, CalRecovery – PDF, Video
  • Life Cycle Metrics for Waste Management Scenarios, Susan Thorneloe, US EPA Office of Research & Development – PDF, Video


Updates: Urban Biomass-Conversion Technology projects in California

Session, Speaker

  • Residuals to Renewables in California: An Update, Jacques Franco, CalRecycle – PDF, Video
  • Santa Barbara County Conversion Technology Program, Carlyle Johnston, County of Santa Barbara
  • Marin Food to Energy Program, Jason Dow, Central Marin Sanitation District / Patty Garbino, Marin Sanitary Service – PDF, Video


Panel: Urban Organic Residuals’ Place in California’s Low Carbon Fuel and Renewable Energy Standards
Introduction/Moderator: Bryan Jenkins, UC Davis

Panelists listed below responded to questions presented in advance about Conversion Technologies’ environmental performance, “renewability of energy product”, and effects on the existing recycling infrastructure.

 Panelists – PDF, Video

  • Scott Smithline, Californians Against Waste
  • John Shears, Center for Energy Efficiency & Renewable Technologies
  • Chip Clements (in place of Alisdair McLean), Plasco Energy Group
  • Jeffrey Hahn*, Covanta Energy

*Note: Video clip edited to exclude Jeffrey Hahn at his request.


Food & Beverage Industry Organic Residue Streams, Distributed Generation and Co-digestion Opportunities – PDF
Moderator: Rob Nennan, California League of Food Processors

Session, Speaker

  • Opening and Welcome, Prab Sethi, California Energy Commission – Video

Session, Speaker

  • CBC Research Report – Cannery Industry Residue Streams, Ricardo Amon, California Biomass Collaborative – PDF, Video
  • Wastewater Industry Update – Opportunities for Bioenergy Generation and Co-digestion, Greg Kester, California Association of Sanitation Agencies – PDF, Video
  • Municipal Utility Food Industry BioEnergy Project, Valentino Tiangco, Sacramento Municipal Utilities District – PDF, Video
  • Case Study: Food Residue to BioEnergy, Steven Gill, Gills Onions, Oxnard CA – 2011-cbc-forum-PDF, Video
  • Investor Owned Utility Efforts to Develop the BioEnergy Market, Jim Lucas, Southern California Gas Company
  • Renewable Auction Mechanism, Jaclyn Marks, California Public Utilities Commission – PDF, Video


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