Executive Board Committee Structure

The Collaborative has created three committees to address key issues affecting the sustainable management and development of biomass in California. Each committee will evaluate and prioritize action steps to accomplish in the short-, medium-, and long-term considering environmental, economic, engineering, and social issues in order to develop markets; research, development, and demonstration; education and outreach; and best practices. Click on the name of the committee of interest below to view respective deliberations, white paper materials, objectives, and structure. The committees are Incentives and Markets, Permitting and Regulation, and Sustainability.


Other Materials

  • Final draft of the 2007 Annual Report (Added 11/08) – PDF
  • View general committee information from July 9, 2007 Executive Board meeting – PDF


Priority Actions

Valuation of public benefits of biomass technologies including renewable energy credits and greenhouse gas accounting



Chair: Gary Matteson
Chuck White, Necy Sumait



Priority Actions

Conduct detailed examination of state agency regulation and permitting requirements for biomass technologies to clarify and eliminate conflicts, ensure adequate safeguards, and promote coordination among agencies



Chair: Fernando Berton
George Simons, John Menke, Ken Krich, Pat Sullivan



Will be posted as they are released.

Priority Actions

  • Develop sustainability standards
  • Develop criteria for lifecycle analyses involving RPS, RFS, LCFS, GHG
  • Identify needed research and demonstration efforts



Chair: John Shears
Cynthia Cory, Alex Farrell, Kay Martin, Patricia Monahan, Jim Seiber, Toni Symonds, Val Tiangco, Jane Turnbull, Doug Wickizer


Committee-Generated Materials

Meeting #1: July 25, 2007

  • Action Items - PDF
  • Minutes - PDF


  • Gary Matteson's review of Turner et al. "Creating Green Markets for Biofuels" (9/24) - PDF


Supplementary Materials

  • Governor's Environmental Goals and Policy Report (2003) - PDF
  • EEA Report No 7: How Much Bioenergy Can Europe Produce Without Hurting the Environment (2006) - PDF
  • UN: Sustainable Bioenergy - A Framework for Decision Makers (2007) - PDF
  • USDA: Effects of an Expansion in Biofuel Demand on U.S. Agriculture (2007) - PDF
  • Testing Framework for Sustainable Biomass (2007) - PDF
  • USDA: Environmental Effects of Ag Land-Use Change: The Role of Economics and Policy (2006) - PDF
  • Creating Markets for Green Biofuels (2007) - PDF
  • The Sustainability Ordinance for the German Biofuel Quota Law - Informal Summary (2007) - PDF
  • UN: Contribution to EU Biofuels Consultation (2007) - PDF
  • NRDC: Environmental Policy for Biodiesel Procurement (2007) - PDF
  • RSPO: Principles and Criteria for Sustainable Palm Oil Production (2005) - PDF
  • RSPO: Certification Systems (2007) - PDF
  • RSB: Draft Global Principles for Sustainable Biofuels Production (2007) - PDF
  • RSB: Draft Text of Sustainable Biofuels Principles (2007) - PDF
  • Basel Criteria for Responsible Soy Production (2004) - PDF
  • IEA Task 40: Draft Overview of Recent Developments in Sustainable Biomass Certification (2006) - PDF
  • IEA Task 39: National Biofuel Implementation Agendas (2007) - PDF
  • Ecofys: Towards a Harmonised Sustainable Biomass Certification Scheme (2007) - PDF
  • Ecofys: Sustainability Reporting Within the RTFO: Framework Report (2007) - PDF
  • Emerging Biofuels: Outlook of Effects on U.S. Grain, Oilseed and Livestock Markets (2007) - PDF
  • German Marshall Fund: EU and U.S. Policies on Biofuels: Potential Impacts on Developing Countries (2007) - PDF
  • IIASA: Socioeconomic and Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture: An Integrated Assessment (2005) - PDF
  • Water Experts Worry Biofuel Will Crowd Out Food Crops (2007) - PDF
  • In an Ideal World: Draft Discussion Sustainability Principles (2007) - PDF
  • OECD-FAO: Agricultural Outlook 2007-2016 (2007) - PDF
  • Low Carbon Fuel Standard for California: Part 1 - Technical Analysis (2007) - PDF
  • Low Carbon Fuel Standard for California: Part 2 - Policy Analysis (2007) - PDF
  • UKDFT: Carbon and Sustainability Reporting Within the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (2007) - PDF
  • UKDFT: Carbon Reporting Within the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation Methodology (2007) - PDF
  • Pacific Institute: California 2030: An Efficient Future (2005) - PDF
  • Pacific Institute: California 2030: An Efficient Future Appendix (2005) - PDF

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